Benefit Cap Dashboard

Latest data upto November 2017 by DWP

The charts below are interactive. You can explore DWP's Benefit Cap statistics by selecting a region from the dropdown or the map. For more information on how to use this visualisation, please click on the 'Help' tab above. The underlying data can be found on the department's dissemination tool, Stat-Xplore.

Please note that this visualisation is a new, prototype tool from DWP and may be removed or modified at any time. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving this page, please let us know.
Figure 1: Number of newly capped households each month up to November 2017
Figure 2: Total number of households capped each month up to November 2017
Figure 3: Proportion of off-flows from the cap by household outcome, at November 2017
Figure 4: Capped households by family type and number of children, at November 2017